Sample editor doesn't update audio after editing

This one is not related to C9 in particular. To me it’s been around for awhile with previous Cubase versions as well.
Here it is:

  1. Open audio clip in sample editor.
  2. Edit audio (create silence or cut a piece of silence for instance)
  3. Try to play audio to check the result of editing
  4. Audio seams muted - no sound
  5. Have to close the editor and re-open in order to play the clip through the sample editor
  6. If I undo the edit operation - the same “no sound” state happens and I have to close and re-open again if I wish to audition the audio.

Is it only me having this annoying bug? Am I doing something wrong?


Do you use Audition in the Sample Editor, or do you use common Play from Transport panel?

Can you try in the Safe Start Mode, please?