Sample Editor - edit only right or left on stereo track

Hi to all,
I have a project with an audio stereo track. When editing it via the sample editor, I would like to “take” and normalize only the left track , but I cannot find how to select only this one ? I can only select the whole left and right parts. Does somebody knows if this is possible and how to do it ? (I remember it is possible with Wavelab, so I hope we can do it as well with the Cubase sample editor…).
Thanks in advance,

I think you may have to export the file and select 32bit, split channels and import to pool and audio track.

That will give you two mono tracks to work on then after editing you can if you like export again and make them stereo interleaved files again.

Thanks Split !
Looks good to me, I will proceed this way… But I don’t understabd why the Cubase sample editor don’t offer the possibility to select directly the left or right part of a stereo track, like we can do with Wavelab, Audacity, etc…
I don’t believe it would be a so difficult option to add , but maybe I am wrong ???

I haven’t had to do this recently, but I’m surprised you can’t just select the L or R channel like you can in Sound Forge.