Sample editor edits duplicate tracks


I have vocal track that I duplicated twice and then wanted to tweak the pitch using the sample editor for just 1 of those tracks.

When I edited the track in Sample Editor (for track 1 ), it adjusted the audio for all three tracks.

How can I get C7 to save the audio file as a new audio file?

There is an option for this in Preferences/ :smiley:

I guess galvinstephen was talking about prefs>editing>audio>On Processing Shared Clips, but didn’t have time to finish his post. :wink:

You have it set so that if you dup tracks you get a audio event pointing to the file.

You can bounce the event too, and Cubase creates a new file to work on.

Didn’t you get the “This project contains events that use the audio material…” dialog? You would have seen it least once, in that you should click “New Version”.

The default is Open Options Dialog, but once you click “Don’t ask me again” it changes the option in that prefs dialog. Then you have to go into prefs to change it.

True! I fell asleep in the middle of it. :blush: