Sample Editor Envelope Bug


I have been experiencing a serious bug within the sample editor since I upgraded to Cubase 9.5.
I kept on installing the updates with hopes that the bug is fixed but unfortunately even on the latest update(9.5.20) it is still there.
The bug itself is a problem with the envelopes graphical representation of the selected range within the sample editor. No matter which part of the clip I select, every time I apply an envelope, the image for the selected region within the envelope itself is always the full length of the audio clip, not the selected region itself.
I have been using the same envelopes in Cubase 9 and they were working great, but unfortunately since the release of Cubase 9.5 this bug exists and prevents me from using envelopes for editing dynamics in detail. Because of this I have to use volume automations or event envelopes which are far less useful for many scenarios and take up more of my time when used for editing.
I really hope this bug gets fixed in the next update for Cubase 9.5 so I can return to my love for detailed editing with the envelopes.