Sample Editor forgets view and editing settings


When I want to correct vocals in VariAudio, after I turn on VariAudio (analyzing),

  • I have to set Smart Controls to Show All
  • I have to turn Pitch Snap Mode Off
  • I have to turn the audio monitoring On
  • I have to increase the vertical zoom

And I have to do these steps every time, I quit from Sample Editor to select another audio sample.

Is it possible somehow to save these setting, or be these the default settings?


What Cubase version exactly do you have, please?

Cubase 10 Pro (10.0)


Make sure you have the very latest 10.0.50 update installed, please.

Sorry for my late reply. I’m currently unable to buy the update. (and not interested in the new features)

Has this issue been solved in the 10.0.50 update?