Sample Editor Frustrations due to MULTIPLE BUGS

The BUG occurs when in the Range Toolbar (found on the far left of Sample Editor):

  • Open the sample editor in any project
  • Open the “Range” dropdown tool box on the far left
  • When Grabbing and Dragging on the number that represents Bars or Beats (i.e. on the Range “End” incrementor), after a few numbers roll by, the ticks (sub-beat increments) start doing random things.

As another note, when double clicking into the Range “Length” incremetor, thus allowing for text input, putting in text rarely delivers a result that one would expect. Even if you type it in perfectly, many times this will revert to “”

Lastly, I am still testing this bug, but want to report that: When recording an audio clip in cubase, the clip does not always reflect the projects tempo (even if the tempo is set static - i.e. Not being controlled by a tempo track). I realize that the audio clip has some built in lead time and its length by itself is not representative of a precise number of beats & bars (at the given BPM of the project), but it should still know that it was recorded at 149 BPM, regardless, right?

As a suggestion, a user should easily be able to set START and STOP calculation points for what should be considered applicable audio (and the ruler for time, bars/beats should also follow said start point) Additionally, The “end point” should be able to be set in an automated way, based on user input of bars / beats, etc, thus automatically setting such “end point” according to the users TEMPO, BARS, and BEATS input. (this would eliminate the confusion that the lead-in and tailing audio is causing when calculating tempo and musical-length.

I am a huge fan of Cubase (and have used it for years), but I still feel like the application’s weakest area is this sample editor. It has many cool new features as of 6, but still lacks some basic things for easily “selecting” and “cropping” down to precise tempo / BMP based ranges. It can be done, but still feels much more cumbersome that other editors I have used. Steinberg, I will post many suggestions if it would help. I have many ideas about simple tools / user options that would dramatically increase the utility and usability in the sample editor. …Let me know!

PS: As a reference, look how Sony’s ACID implements a feature-set called “the Chopper” (it is simple and it works)

Thanks, Steve