Sample Editor GUI question

Hi all,

has anyone managed to get rid of the pale-grey/blueish PAIN IN THE EYES when you hover over a slice in the sample editor ?

(you know, when editing hitpoints, when the mouse cursor is anywhere in the sample editor, the icon turns to a speaker with “play back slice” written and the whole slice turns to that horrible color and smacks you right in the eye !!!).

This color, I find so horrible any sooo fatiguing for the eyes…

If anyone has a hint, I’d love to see that disappear :slight_smile:

Best regards

I don’t recall a setting that lets us change that color when selecting in the Sample Editor. It may change with another color set-up. I’ll have a look and if I find anything actually useful I’ll post it.

Thanks for the reply,

I’d like to just disable the automatic coloring when hovering over with the mouse actually…