Sample Editor Inspector...Elements 9.5

I have Elements 9.5. I’m trying to follow a tutorial on Matching Tempo. The instruction is to “turn on Audio Definition and click Manual” (in the Inspector of the Sample Editor) When I open that Editor the Inspector only shows “Hitpoints” as an option. The other options illustrated in the tutorial show “Definition”, “Audiowarp”, “Variaudio”, “Range” and “Process” as options in the S/E Inspector. Is it the case that these other options are not available in Elements? Or do I need to “edit/preferences/settings” (or whatever) the S/E Inspector to reveal them? I’ve Googled, and gone right through the Manual, and I just can’t get further with this tutorial/project until I can find this option.
Any/all help most gratefully received.

Hi and welcome,

Right-click to the tabs in the Inspector and Show All tabs here from the drop-down menu.

Thanks, for the reply, Martin. When I right click in the S/E Inspector. “Hitpoints” is ticked, and “Show all” is greyed out. Clicking on “Hitpoints” doesn’t untick it, so I’m afraid I’m still stumped. BTW, “Setup” is not greyed out, but the “Hidden Items” box has nothing in it and the “Visible” box only has “Hitpoints” in it. Any suggestions? (And thanks, again)


When you are on Cubase Elements (sorry I didn’t realised before), you don’t have the other options/features available. These are Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro only.

O.K. Martin. I was coming round to that conclusion, but thanks, anyway, for taking the time with this. Guess I’ll have to start saving my pocket money!