Sample Editor limited menu option in 8 Elements

I have recently trialled C8 elements to see if I should migrate across however the sample editor appears to be v. limited in terms of editing options. I can see from the manual that there should be a number of edit options within the sample editor inspector menu however the only option I am able to access is the ‘hitpoints’ menu.

Please can someone advise why I am not able to see the full list of inspector options so that I can edit the sample fully? Screenshot attached. I have upgraded to Windows 10.

Please help, Jackson

Hi and welcome,

The screenshot is missing, could you attach it, please?

Isn’t it restriction of Elements version? Are you sure, you compare the manual of Elements version (not Pro) with your Cubase application?

Hi Martin, thanks for the quick response.

The manual I referred to includes C8 elements and does not suggest that there are any restrictions in the commentary.

Screen grab now attached.

Any thoughts on what the issue is?


Could you try to right-click to the Inspector (not below the currently open part). The pop-up menu with the Inspector options should appears. Enable all options, here.

I’ve tried your method, thank you but it appears that elements does not have the additional menu options available . Whilst the manual suggests that these options should be available on elements I suspect that this is an oversight.


I just downloaded Cubase Elements Operation Manual. And you are right, there is Hitpoints tab only. But you should see the same in your Cubase Elements Operation Manual (you can download it here).