Sample Editor - Locating existing edits

Anyone know how you can get to see where edits you’ve already done (shown in the list window you get when adding a new edit or by pressing F7) actually are in the timeline, i.e. the range marker shows up? If you adjust an existing edit’s parameters then that is indeed what happens but if you have already done a lot of edits and want to adjust one later, finding it first seems impossible. I had a good R of TFM but am baffled… Hoping it’s just me being an idiot.

You’re referring to Direct Offline Processing. You can view the range where plugins and other offline processes have been applied to by bypassing them in the Direct Offline Processing window (F7). The Sample Editor will then display the range of what was just bypassed.

If you need more control than this, I would recommend you to either split the range where you intend to apply offline processing to first (Shift + X) or use “Event or Range as Region” to mark your edits. The audio Regions can be renamed.

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Thanks very much, the bypass tip is really useful and moving forward I will try your suggestions for sure.
I must apologise for posting from my phone whilst pondering late at night (in bed) as I tend to do … The downside being that I can never remember the proper names of the functions and screens I’m talking about! :roll_eyes::grin: