Sample Editor Missing settings in Cubase 10 pro

This has happened to me and I don’t see a solution? It’s the “inspector” area after I click on the audio file, it is completely blank, no "Definitions, AudioWarp, VariAudio, Hit points, etc…I am attempting to view hit points and shift audio (quantize a bass line). Please help deadline is tomorrow.


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thank you for the response Martin.Jirsak. I did that and it still was empty. However, I decided to “dissolve parts” (this is an audio bassline I recorded multiple passes on then “comped” the parts I desired, and used the glue tool to connect them) and then all the functions appear. Does this mean I have to delete all the passes first before using the “audiowarp” or “hitpoints” etc… features, or is there a work around?

audio parts act different than clips… it’s a connected arrangement of events(a container )
you can move the events inside parts together…
But you can still open the events inside with the editing options available

It helps a lot to understand the ideas behind clips, parts and events…
But it’s not easy to understand.


Thanks for the response st10ss I will look into it.