Sample editor: Musical mode

Hi there!

Can someone explain why these two are not aligned? My end goal is to be able to modify the tempo of the sample using the tempo track. Is it possible to align these two rulers so that when I activate the musical mode in the sample editor the recorded stuff stays put?


The Audio file is probably in other tempo than the project is and it’s probably not in the Musical Mode. So the time doesn’t match.

Thank you for trying to answer my question, but I doubt it’s just a matter of tempo mismatch. I think that in order to use the Musical Mode (that can be activated either in the Sample Editor or in the Pool), the audio file must have a fixed Tempo and a fixed Time Signature, whereas mine has multiple time signature and tempo changes.


The upper (light) ruler shows the real position in the project.

The Event ruler shows the audio sample bards and beats, based on the analysis of the file.

Why are you telling me this?


I was thinking, this would explain:

Understood. Thanks.