Sample Editor not showing correct waveform

In a 30+ Multitrack project (latest C9 on Win10/64), I have saved several iterations of edits under different names. Only the first iteration had the audio placed at the original positions determined by the OMF import, in all subsequent versions the music has been moved left via cut time command.

I am mentioning this before outlining the problem because I suspect it could be relevant to the topic: whenever I select an audio clip in the upper arrange window, something different is reflected in the sample editor visually(lower window or separate window, doesn’t matter). If I scroll through the sample editor with the scrub tool, the audio corresponds to the selection above- just the waveform drawn there is from somewhere else in the timeline, making hitpoint detection, among other things, impossible. Any ideas what I could look into, or is anybody else seeing this? Thanks

ok I seem to have discovered the culprit: after the import of the audio, I have installed a tempo track (via “detect tempo”) and also defined the bars (on a signature track). Whenever the tempo track is active, I get that optical misinformation in the sample editor. It returns to normal when I deactivate the tempo track, but then all the audio and midi clips I have added to the project subsequently move in all possible directions, completely out of sync with the tune.

I tried rendering all midi parts, but the resulting audio clips misbehave in the same way- deactivate tempo track, and all falls apart.

Anybody know of a way I could solve this conundrum? And does this qualify as a bug (hitpoints not editable with tempo track active) or is this by (cruel) design?



I’d love to know if someone figured this out.