Sample Editor Pencil Tool Isn't Working Properly

When zoomed in to remove a click in the sample editor, the node 5 nodes to the right is moving instead of the one I want. I played with some mouse settings, but nothing seems to help. It happens with my Mac mouse and my Microsoft mouse. Suggestions?


Same behavior here. It happens since 5.5.3

Cannot see that here,

but generally: the pencil-tool in Nuendo is far away from the smoothness in Pro Tools! It feels much better drawing envelope there, unfortunately it is always destructive…

Maybe a Mac version bug…

I think there is a bug concerning the cursor in 5.5.3. It may be Mac, or it may be my mouse (Logitech with tilting scroll wheel, using the Logitech Control utility)

I often find the crosshairs are offset by small amount (up to 1/2") on the Project page when I’m lining up a cut. When I actually make the cut, it’s made in the right place, under the cursor.

I also often have the wrong cursor icon - an I-beam when it should be an arrow, double-headed arrow doesn’t appear when it should etc.

This never happened with 4.3 with the same hardware. I know there was a major change to the graphics foundation for Mac between the versions, so maybe that’s it?

Thank you for the replies. I guess us Mac users will have to wait for a fix in the next update.

Okay… maybe the next update this will get fixed?? It really needs to be addressed. It’s a drag to have to go to another app to fix something that Nuendo should to do easily.

There is a bug in my system (see +3 posts up) which causes cursor weirdness in the main arr page, intermittently.

I had hoped that 5.5.4 had fixed it, but it hasn’t.

I’m trying to find the exact conditions which provoke it, and see if it’s repeatable, but at this stage I can say it certainly arises after doing a non realtime export. It can also be fixed again after it appears, but the exact sequence to achieve that is hard to pin down.

I’ll post further here if I can find the exact conditions.

David, I only have the problem in the Sample Editor window. The cursor seems to line up fine for me everywhere else. But, if you stumble onto something please let me know. I DO think this was introduced (on the Mac side) with the 5.5.3 update.