Sample editor - Please zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1!

Well here we are, 10 years later and the unhelpful message is still around. Cubase Pro v12.0.50 Build 387

What is 1 - a bar, a beat a 1MB sample, pixel?
It’s 2023 and modern software self-help would pop-up with
** “do you want me to zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1?”**
Instead I’m stuck and resort to tap the error into google, open a ticket on the Forum for a decade-old secret that someone else knows about

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Screenshot, please?

Apologies for delayed response Johnny, and having a moan.
I did get zoom working, still not sure what the “lower than 1” refers to.
However it is waveform drawing only.
I was hoping to shape the overall waveform amplitude envelope curve
Audio track does a basic straight line drawing ie fade in/out, etc
But need to level out the loud parts in the middle of vocal tracks
It’s somewhere in the Sample Editor!!

It’s alright, glad you found a solution.
For the future: When describing a situation always pretend you have to describe it to a stranger that knows nothing about your issue or even about Cubase. I estimate that more than half of the stuff, that gets written here, is due to communication is lacking some information.

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I have the same problem in Cubase 13 Pro now. I am trying to add a new hitpoint with the draw tool (8) and got this error

The pencil tool lets you change the actual samples of your audio - but only when you are zoomed in so much that you can see the individiual samples.
The error message is really not well chosen.

Anyway, please enable the “Edit Hitpoints” option in the left zone of the editor. You should then be able to work on hitpoints.