Sample editor - Please zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1!

Well here we are, 10 years later and the unhelpful message is still around. Cubase Pro v12.0.50 Build 387

What is 1 - a bar, a beat a 1MB sample, pixel?
It’s 2023 and modern software self-help would pop-up with
** “do you want me to zoom to a resolution that is lower than 1?”**
Instead I’m stuck and resort to tap the error into google, open a ticket on the Forum for a decade-old secret that someone else knows about

Screenshot, please?

Apologies for delayed response Johnny, and having a moan.
I did get zoom working, still not sure what the “lower than 1” refers to.
However it is waveform drawing only.
I was hoping to shape the overall waveform amplitude envelope curve
Audio track does a basic straight line drawing ie fade in/out, etc
But need to level out the loud parts in the middle of vocal tracks
It’s somewhere in the Sample Editor!!

It’s alright, glad you found a solution.
For the future: When describing a situation always pretend you have to describe it to a stranger that knows nothing about your issue or even about Cubase. I estimate that more than half of the stuff, that gets written here, is due to communication is lacking some information.

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