Sample Editor Question [Is it a BUG?]

I’ve been fiddling around with the N10 Trial version Sample Editor and wonder if anyone can tell me what the lilac and green blobs are on the attached image of the Edit VariAudio screen. They do not appear in N8 and I can not find any reference to them in the user manual.

Is this a bug?
N10 SAmple Editor.png

Is this a bug?

I’ll contact support.

Hi Chris - from a Cubase user, this is new to VariAudio 3 and looks like what happens when you’ve got more than one event/track selected, and double-clicked to launch the Sample/Audio edit window. For me, your picture is showing the active event’s data (red) that’s being edited, and other data from the other parts, visible for reference.


You could be right, although Steinberg did not mention that when I spoke to Support today. They asked me to make sure that win-10 was completely up to date and to send them a system information file. Let’s see what they come back with.