Sample editor questions

A few sample editor questions. Is there a way to put a stereo audio track on a single pane in the sample editor. Instead of left and right on two separate panes (one on top and one on bottom) is there a way show them on the same pane overlapping each other? Is there a way to change the default mouse scrollwheel movement from up and down to left and right in the editor. You can move it to left in right by scrolling over the horizontal scroll but bby default in the actual waveform space it scrolls up and down. Lastly is there a way to make the audio play button take over the space bar in the editor? It would be nice to have the play button play the audio play while in the editor instead of the regular play button

For the scrolling. If you hold Shift or Ctrl while using mouse srollwheel one should do zooming and the other horizontal scroll.

There is an option in preferences so you can use spacebar to start/stop while in the sample editor. Think it’s called Playback toggle triggers local preview (Preferences/Transport)

Thanks that fixes one problem. I’m aware of the shift and ctrl shortcuts. It’s just weird to have to hold anything to scroll horizontal. I think it’s kinda stupid for vertical movement to be the default movement in a sample editor.