Sample Editor: Release after Loop completed

I would like to realize the following: A sample is triggered by pressing a key, the key is initially held. The sample goes through “Part 1” and then enters the loop (“Part 2”). This is played (looped) until the key is released. But then you should NOT jump to the release immediately, but play the loop to the end one last time and then go to “Part 3 Release”. I thought this would be easy but can’t figure it out. Thanks for serious feedback.

What happens if you set the Sustain loop to Until Release?

thanks, i will try that. But I think it’s related to some “hidden”
setting together what should happen after releasing the piano key.

this doesn’t seem to be a solution. you have to be able to tell HALion somehow: Always play the “Sustainloop” (2) to the end after the keyboard key has been released. Only then start playing the release sample (3).