sample editor variaudio editing a COMP

hi all,

this is something i’ve wondered whether theres a way to do it for a while. i do a lot of vocal editing and tweaking with variaudio.

when working on a comp, i double click on whatever audio part in the project window, opens up in sample editor for editing. the next line in the song may be from a different take, so i have to go back to the project window and select the next audio part. staying in the sample editor for the next line without doing this would obviously be editing the wrong audio that is not part of the comp. is there any way to have the sample editor scroll along displaying the COMP parts in sequence rather than one particular audio file? hope that makes sense.


An interesting workflow idea…

I’ve never tried this, just thinking aloud.

There is a menu item that will convert the comp lanes to ‘real’ tracks. I think it will keep your comp edits in place…?! Run that, then select all the content on all these new tracks and load them into VA for your desired tweaks… Now in the VA window, you will be able to switch tracks and should see which sections/words are muted/not muted on each, as per your ‘comp’ edits.

Ok, I’m guessing on all this… :wink: But if you’ve a dummy project you can let rip on, might be something here for you… :slight_smile:

Good luck, and merry Xmas.!

What command are you talking about?

Something from the Audio or Project Menu…? ‘Convert Lanes to Tracks’…? Sorry, am away from my machine so relying on memory. What does typing in the Help say…?

Why not create a new track version with the comp and render in place.

you mean bounce the comp to a new audio file? yes that would work, but I frequently fine tune the comp/use variaudio as I go along, so was hoping to find a solution whilst still keeping the comp fluid.