Sample Editor View

When I slice up vocals on a track in the project window (to remove any unwanted breaths or sounds for example) I end up with numerous slices (lets say 20-30) of audio on the one track. If I then select all those slices on the track and double click to open the sample editor I get different display results in different projects.
Sometimes the sample editor will only show 3 or 4 slices over a dozen bars, rather then all the slices I selected and no amount of zooming will show the rest. Sometimes it displays half the slices over 30 bars, sometimes the whole selection.
If I want to apply any changes to an entire vocal (all the slices) then sometimes I’m stuck with the 3 or 4 slices at a time method. Select the 3 or 4 slices I’m able to select at once then apply the change to that section. Then move onto the next few and apply and so on and so on. Instead of being able to apply the change across all the segments at once.
It’s different for each project, I guess depending on what changes I’ve made to the track audio. Can someone point me in the right direction?.

For multiple event selections, you will get varying displays in the sample editor depending on whether the events you selected are referencing the same clip or different clips. You can choose which event you see from the ‘currently edited audio event’ menu on the toolbar of the sample editor.

To help understand this further do a search for “audio handling”, “handling several audio events” and “creating new files from events” in the manual.

Thx Stingray