Sample editor with same grid and quantize rules

For instance the sample editor can’t display triplet base grids. You have to put the cursor on the project window with the triplet grid on the triplet subdivisions and then go to the sample editor and free warp the sample to the cursor position.
It should follow the same design of the midi editor.


Yes super need this for accurate audio editing. +1

The sample editor can’t, indeed. But using the Audio>Events to Part command and using the audio part editor might help…

a temporary workaround is to quantize, but its usually necessary to clean things up by hand so it would be very beneficial to show the same grid in the project and sample editor. Or also could allow moving the warp points directly in the project view too

Difficult to understand why it’s such a difficult feature to implement in Cubase. It’s been much requested for years…

Yep… totally agree

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