Sample Editor !

Dear Cubase users,

I have recently moved to cubase and found the program is awesome ! but there are some staff that makes me cry everytime !

Help will be appreciated !

  1. I been fl studio user for 8 years and the thing I like the most was the sample editor ! ! !

here is the image !

the out means kinda fadeout to a sample and makes a kick for example “tok kick” !!!

and pogo lets you control the phase and makes for instance a kick higher !

The pic shows u original kick with effecting knobs !

My question is there something relative in cubase to !??? cause its so needed for me !


I would load the kick sample in GrooveAgent. There, in the sample editor, you can drag the sample start/ end point (yellow) and the sample fade in/ out points (white) as you please. For ‘pitch’ there is a dedicated section too (semitones and finetune), although I suspect you refer to something else with ‘phase’?

In general, all sample editors have the same ways to alter sample start/ end and fade in/ out.

Hope this helps.

yeah its great but the thing i miss the most, is the fogo butto which changes the phase and make it kinda pitched up , it changes kinda the interval of the phase waves and makes illusion of higer note !! I need this one so much !

why don’t u use FL rewired/as VST as Orjan Nielsen if u miss something specific

from 2.4

btw IMO the offline effects

in Cubase sample editor are more usefull than the FL ones

Hey man, all you need is a vst that rotates phase. I use PHA-979 by Voxengo. Use it daily, haha. It’s perfect for what you need, you can process the phase in stereo or mono so it’s useful for any sound, especially when layering samples. It’s not free but it’s a cheap plug in. Cheers