Sample Fuel Hybrid Download

I ordered subject software – Sample Fuel Poly and Wave - this morning. I downloaded subject software and it is now reflected as one of my products on mysteinberg. The problem is that the two programs – Wave and Poly – did not actually download. Please note that mysteinberg says product was activated on 12/04/2021 but says “Request support.”

How do I locate software and download it???

Download the Steinberg Download Assistant and you can download both Poly and Wave from the VST Instruments and Plugins tab

Thanks. I did not realize that the software was downloaded with the apparently new Download Assistant.

Again. Thanks.

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At the time of writing, Steinberg Download Assistant still has the obsolete version 2 of WAVE and POLY.

The latest version 3 downloads can be obtained from the Sample Fuel updates page (click). These updated versions are supposed to be on the Steinberg Download Assistant soon. The .vstsound file for version 3 of POLY is 435MB and the .vstsound file for version 3 of WAVE is 1.75GB.

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