Sample libraries

Kinda new to the game of using sample libraries. Is it possible to purchase libraries and have them open in Halion Sonic SE3? Its all I have w CBP10.5. Just wondering if it would even work with HSSE3. Correct me if I am wrong, when looking for libraries to purchase, you ideally want to be “formatted” for what sample library player you have, right? Like some people have Kontact sp?. So they would look for libraries specifically that are formatted for that. Otherwise, you would just have a bunch of wav files and they wouldn’t be presets such as the ones that come with HSSE3. Correct? Reason I am asking is a client wanted to know if I had any Celtic sounds. Well, um…nope.



You can use some libraries in HALion Sonic SE. The common way is, the library vendor is using a platform, where you can get at least a free player (for example NI Contact Player) or they provide the player with the library.

So that player opens in Cubase like a VST Instrument?
What about if a sample library says “VST” compatible?
Does that mean the sounds open in Sonic SE?
And say the library I like ONLY comes in wav files. Does that mean I can only open/audition them from the Media Library, not from Halion SonicSE?

Thank you!



Then I would consider to purchase the library, because the manufacturer doesn’t know, what he is talking about. The library cannot be “VST compatible”. The library is set of samples and some player has to handle it. It might be, the manufacturer provides a player, which is VST compatible. But it would be nice to mention, what player is it.

Not at all.

Then you can build you own instruments from this library in any sampler (for example HALion but not HALion Sonic SE). Or this is not a musical library then meant to be used in a sampler. Then it might be a loops or drum sounds library.

Thank you Martin!