Sample Library on external SSD

I’ve been trying to move my HALion sample library to an external SSD to save some space on my drive, and something went wrong in the process. Moving the library with the library manager did not work, so I tried moving in manually, and then it only got worse.

  • The libraries don’t show up in the library manager
  • The samples are not found by Cubase
  • When clicking the library .vstsound soundfiles to load them in the manager, it asks me to register or install, and nothing works (“cannot register the following vst sounds” and “cannot create the following folder”: VST Sounds)

Does anybody know the golden tip to fix this?


When the Library Manager is moving the files to other location, it moves the files and make an aliases in the original (default) location. This is what you should also do , when you move the library manually.

When you mess up the library, the easiest and cleanest way to fix it is to uninstall it and install it from scratch, very often.