Sample location?

Is there a way to see the file pathway of your samples in HALion 4? In HAlion 3 all you did was right click on the sample and at the bottom of the sub-menu that opened you could see exactly where your sample was streaming/playing from. Is there something like that in HALion 4?

Good question…I’d like to know as well

You can see this information in the ‘sample’ tab of Halion 4, where it shows you the waveform of your loaded sample. The very top of the toolbar will have the exact and full pathway of the sample in orange text. I am unsure of any other method to check the above, but I noticed it in the sample tab and that is where I go if I need such information.

Hope this helps.

In the Sample tab, right-click on the waveform display and choose Sample -> Reveal in Finder/Explorer


Thanks for the info - exactly what I was looking for.