Sample Mapping Shift knob

Hypersonic 2 had this pretty handy feature:

A similar feature can be found in Spectrasonics instruments (“Timbre” slider) and old Edirol/Roland plugins (Character knob).

Yamaha and Roland sampled-based synths have 3 variations for each instrument sample. These are simply multisamples with the sample mapping shifted up or down. One of them is a “natural” mapping, while the two variations sound brighter and darker. Halion Sonic doesn’t have anything like this, which limits the sound design possibilities with the stock samples.

Some examples of how this would be useful:

-Make an instrument sound thicker by layering a darker sounding version with a brighter one.
-Fake doubling/stereo, using the same technique as above with pan.
-Fake extra velocity layers.
-Fake round robin (very common, even in high end libraries).
-Dorico: Simulate 2 players playing the same instrument at the same time without phase issues while using Halion Symphonic Orchestra.