Sample Player in C6

Really need this. Something like FL has or DP (nanosampler). I hate needing to copy/paste audio files. And I want something for a single sample (not that I even know how to load my own samples into Groove Agent).

Anyone have any suggestion since Steinberg doesn’t include something as simple as this?

UVI Workstation. As simple as it gets and free, too.



Not really looking for a multi timbral sample player, I already have kontakt.

I am more interested in something like nanosampler or how FL studio handles single audio files.

Something simple/lite, that plays one audio file and has a small feature set.

Thanks though.

Do a search here,

Yeah I have done a search there.

Still think something like Groove Agent Mini would be nICE.


I´m a newbie with Cubase, so maybe you´ve already figured this out or it isn´t what your looking for, but hey…

Have you tried loading Groove Agent ONE and add Beat Designer as a MIDI insert on that track. Then you´ve got a pattern builder like in FL (don´t forget to load a kit in Groove Agent).

I haven´t found out so far how to record or edit it in a track though.

Don´t know yet about working with your samples other than importing them as audio. I tried using Direct Wave as an VSTi in Cubase but that was very unstable.



Aloha guys

Wondering if there Is there a way to use FL inside Cubase?
Kinda like a plug-in.

Might solve the OPs prob.


The problem with the uvi workstation is that it do not support drag and drop from the arranger window (crashes all the time) … This could be done easily in halion sonic se with a minor update… or in groove agent one. A great addon, imo.

Just discovered that you can load your own samples in Groove Agent. Just import them as audio files on a track, create an instrument track with GA, then drag and drop the samples on the pads (and save as a preset if you want).

Check out more here:

Yes you can drag sounds on the pads of groove agent one, but it could be great to drag a sound from the arranger view on a single agent one pad and beeing able to play it on the whole keyboard area. Actualy you can’t.