Sample process in one section

Hi I’m new to the forum, I’m on cubase 9 pro

So I have a kick sample I made and I dont like the attack of it is there a way to EQ the the attack for all the repeated kick sample through the track

I know you can go into editor, highlight the section you want to process and change it there but is there a way to do processes for all the samples in the track?

My only other option I can think of is to do my changes, export it and drop it back in but this takes too much time and i may want to make slight changes again.

Hi and welcome,

If I understand you right, all of these Audio events are sharing the very same sample, right?

Select all these Audio events. Open Direct Offline Process (called Offline Process in an older Cubase versions). Apply the effect (EQ). Cubase will ask you, if you want to apply it to all events of this sample. Click Continue to apply to all.