Sample projects?

Are there any sample projects provided with Cubase 7 DVDs? If so on which DVD? Thanks.

Well I only have the update from 6.5 to 7 as a box. The DVD’s included are only the program, a content DVD for Halion one, and a DVD with trial programs.

The sample projects have to be downloaded from the Steinberg website and are not included on any of the DVD’s. Same goes for the Video (lesson) files.

It is possible the full (non-upgrade) box does have those files, but that is something I don’t know…

The sample projects as well as the installers are here:

Thanks guys, I got the sample projects, but what about the video (lessons) files? Where are they?

On the Cubase You Tube channel…

I get a 404 error on the demo projects…Where did they go? I can’t find them…
Thx already.

(@ Cubase support: consider it a feature request to have at least one good sample project with the software…!) Thx. - John