Sample rate change, causing Tempo mismatch

Hello to the community, I’ve been having this issue for sometime now, when I change the sample rate on windows when a project is open, the new records seem to get off the beat…
I did not change the sample rate on Cubase… simply did that outside of it… but it seems to be problematic and every new recording is slower than the speed it was actually recorded.
I mean it’s normal for you to go around your windows when Cubase is open to check some other stuff, so you’d change the sample rate so that you have the sound of windows back… but this issue comes up… 3 times it ruined my projects, I had to transform all of it to another one.
any idea how to fix this?

Hi and welcome,

When you change your Audio Device Sample Rate, Cubase should ask you, if you want to change the Project Settings > Sample Rate.