i recorded somethings in a session at 44.1khz

fine playback

another day:
i set my parameters in the same cubase 9 session to record at 192khz.

i recorded more and everything still played fine in the session.

everytime i export
its a high pitched chipmunk meth lab

i did the conversion and all that and am unable to find the combination of settings to achieve normal playback in session and with export

THEN i realize…

i have steinberg CI2:

only supports up to 44.1kjz-48khz

THATS COOL … an excuse to update to UR12 192khz support.

i buy it.

plug it in, plug it in!

now its a squeaky squeak and i am unable to even get it back to normal playback at all.


  1. Even if the interface is capable of those rates you usually have to actually set it to run at the same rate as Cubase.
  2. You absolutely can not mix different sample rates in the same project
  3. Why on earth are you wanting to record at 192k anyhow

The files you recorded will have incorrect header data…so they may be 44.1 or 48k recordings but the header is written as 192k.
You could google for how to edit header information to try to fix them or you can just start from scratch, select a sensible sample rate, make sure device and Cubase are both set that way before recording and then don’t change that rate halfway through the project.

The “combination of Settings” is: all the same.

uh oh spaghet-

ok i will try this header info technique

though i have another simpler conundrum :

i have another project where i have in fact on earth recorded at 192khz luuulululul
(ok i have this idea that its better and humans will evolve and be able to hear this stuff and in like 53,688 A.D. my music will age like wine… i feel this way about eyes… like in the 11th century if you showed them 4K… it would hardly even register as better quality to them because our eyes were younger as a collective… ahhh what can i say lulul… first two projects i experiment with 192khz and i am met with cosmic retaliation luululuuluululululul)

anyway this other project is JUST 192khz since the beginning.

when i still had CI2 48khz support.

the project played fine in session

but skweekii on export

i got the UR12

and now it squeak in cubase and on export both

the project is 192

the UR12 is 192

the pool files are all 192 (theres only 3 tracks on this project)

is this still a header data issue?

or am i missing some other setting?

thank you very much for this help . love is sent

Lullluuulllluuull… if CI2 48 kHz, then lallaalllaaaa, files not lollollooollloo 192 kHz… but lilililillii probably 48 kHz therefore lelelelelellleeelel too fast in 192 kHz Setup. Set Hardware and lulululluullu Project to lalalalallaa 48 kHz and don´t lilillliii convert Audio if asked.


dude the great guffaw… this is a happy time…

anyways i will try …

thank you very much.

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if it fixes…

your peepee.

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Yes it’s the same problem. The files are 44.1 or 48k. The header info says they are 192k.

perfect!! lets hope its the fix!!

thank you thank you

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