Sample rate conversion question

When rendering a 48k 24bit file down to 16bit 44.1, I would like to use the UV22 dither along with the Crystal resampler to accomplish this through the master section. However, when you choose to render a file, at the bottom of the render dialog window you must still select an output format of Wav (PCM) file of 44.1 16bit before you can render. Also, you can render a 24bit 48k file to a 16bit 44.1 file without using the UV22 and crystal resampler on the master section, simply by selecting render and selecting the output format of 16 bit 44.1. So is wavelab also applying some kind of internal dither to accomplish the dithering and sample rate conversion? I don’t want to be double dithering when applying the UV22 and the crystal resampler. Thoughts?

Yes, you always have to select the correct output format, no matter what plugins you insert before.
If you don’t insert the resample plugin but select the correct sample rate in the output format Wavelab resamples on its own using the Crystal resampler algorithm in high quality mode (at least that was so in WL6), which is the second best available in the crystal resampler plugin.
If you don’t insert the dither plugin, then no dithering is performed, so there is no automatic dithering when changing digital word length.

Lutz is right. Use the plugins and select the correct output format, to have full control. It is recommended to insert PeakMaster with its default settings, after the Resampler plugin.