Sample rate freakyness??

I recorded an acoustic project last night at 44.1, or so I thought. I used a TC Gold Channel preamp for the first time (digital out to C6). Project played at correct speed while recording/playback. Noticed this morning that exported files are playing back slow. Now when I opened the project this morning, even Cubase is playing the tracks slow.

What do I do to get it playing at the correct sample rate/speed? ‘Project Setup’ shows 44.1. I tried changing to 48k but it still plays slow. Audio files in Pool are also showing 44.1.

I have already screwed up a the project folder by trying un-undo-able, sample rate change operations. I did a ‘Backup Project’ before, so I still have the original project.

Any Ideas? I’ve never messed with sample rate issues before.

If your audio plays slow, and roughly 1 semi tone lower in pitch, and your project and soundcard samplerate is indeed set to 44.1 kHz, then your audio is in 48 kHz. Convert project samplerate to 48 kHz without changing the audio samplerate. Also make sure, your soundcard is not synced to some different samplerate from the external digital signal from the gold channel.

Thank you!! Worked a charm. I had the right idea, but changed the sample rate of the audio. Noob move. :open_mouth:

Thanks again!