Sample Rate help?

I’m currently using Cubase 8.5 Artist on Mac. I notice there are several strange things happening to my sample rate settings, I wonder if anyone knows the answer.
#I use my DAC (Icon HDP) as the audio interface. If I use build-in sound card instead, same results appear.

  1. Default sample rate setting is 44.1kHz.
  2. When I change it to 96kHz, the vst sounds completely different. By different I mean when I go back to 44.1kHz, it sounds like the vst (here I’m using serum) is covered with a cloth.
  3. When I change it to 192kHz, sound goes an octave down, such that when I press C4 it sounds like C3 in 96kHz, and the word 192Khz in Project Setup panel becomes gold, instead of grey by default.

So the question comes: Shouldn’t there be nearly no difference between 96kHz and 44.1kHz? Why am I hearing a fundamental sound quality difference? And what’s happening to the 192kHz setting?

Thank you! :smiley:

Update: I realized in 96kHz, after changing my FM settings in vst I am able to get the same sound as in 44.1kHz