Sample rate in CuBase 5 Retail

Knowing that sample rate characterize frequency but in that also time, which rules all in undefined terms; specifying this as time stretch for example, which in cubase can be applicated, but not in real time for the stretch within; Limited knowing that; how to apply the correspondent time to sampling rate within for the main arrangenment?

Cubase is one of the best in the category of slicing configuration response. Consists in diverse algorithms modes, but it’s not arrange in stretch, it’s time for the stretching, which may follows arrange like tag it as time for the time beat-mapped. I can’t work it how, like it do not fit as it are stretched on real-time for the master tempo and peripheral are fit for the master tempo on the arrangement, it’s not so perfect in pace like it’s not so sampling respective as difference for the mode applied in the sampling rate it supports for a real-time stretch as following beat-mapped.

e.g. sometimes tempo applies but do not follows MIDI, neither fit master tempo as sampling characteristic changes.
I can see that as real-time, but it’s only sample rated in preset mode. It quantize perfectly the rater characteristic, but not the master tempo detected.

  • May I have to follow that which categorize the process in another sampling modification for the pitching magnification, but I can’t see what. It was supposed to be more perfect stretching it by the way it times in the process, but by the rules it differs, it do no categorize the tempo.

Seeing by the quantize of the question, it’s more clever to what generally we questionize in a class room which teaches input about the program, or reading the manual which it includes in a retail box and characterize everything about the program in real-time in outstanding English (in my case spot).

But knowing that, it’s very boring to find that as beat per minute and cannot fit’s it, because the time differs as arrangenment for the master tempo, which corresponds to the change, but do not fits as tempo…

…and it’s not about the sampling kind I’m using, but about the difference it have in section for the tempo and do not fits as beat-mapped for the sequencer program.

*It’s not a question of what we already know as Eucharistic, but a question about what we have as personal characteristic for the program.