Sample rate issues

I am having an issue switching sample rates in artist 8 it will find a default sample rate in my audio interface and not let me switch it for different projects cubase will say sample rates don’t match when I try to change it it will only give a default rate like 44.1khz am I doing something wrong.

Have you set the rate on the interface?

Yep, not all interfaces change sample rate by themselves. Simply changing the project sample rate won’t do it.
Change the sample rate in the control panel of the interface first, then change it for the project.

That’s the thing it won’t give me more than one option let’s say 44.1kHz and I want a project at 96khz I can’t choose 96 because it won’t show up as an option it’s like the sample rate is locked or defaulted. If I open a project that doesn’t match the defaulted interface one it says samplerates don’t match. I reset my computer removed and reinstalled my drivers nothing seem to work my interface goes all the way up 192khz.

what happens if you set the sample rate of your interface to 96k before starting Cubase ?