sample rate jump

I am having a problem with sample rate jumping during project. The sample rate I have set at 48k and during project it will try to move to 44.1k. Now is this likely to be a cubase problem or the a to d (Motu HD192) or could it be both!
I am running q9650 with 16 gig ram on PC at 64 bit.

Any ideas?

Sounds like maybe a driver issue, do you have any older version to roll back to and try?
Have you set the sample rate of the Motu to 48k as well? Cubase pushes the project samplerate to the interface but that might fail for some reason.
Do you have any audio source connected digitally to the Motu?
Checked all cable connections?



Yes, I have checked cables done a complete reinstall( following Motu’s instructions to the letter) with the latest drivers and the error still occurs I cannot go back further with drivers as I did a clean install with Win 7 64 bit, but to be fair it had been running smoothly for about 3 months. I set sample rate in Cubase and the Motu control panel at 48khz but it seems to try to default to 44.1 khz ( I suppose the answer would be tu run all projects at 44.1 but not the point).
I have no other connections digitally the only recent addition are 2 x Avid artists but they are network and not connected to Motu.

Any other ideas.

Thanks for quick response

Other ideas.

Window sounds set to on and trying to play at 44.1, any other application you may try to use during a cubase session switching the card to 44.1.

Try setting release drivers in background to off or not checked if you haven’t already.

In addition to the above set Windows sounds to no sounds or set the default Windows playback device to another sound device.

Any new hardware/software coinciding with the appearance of the problem?

When you did a clean reinstall, did you setup as close as you could compared to your problem free three months? That is, not installing (if relevant) new software, Cubase updates, windows updates, hooking up any gear you didn’t have (however insignificant they seem to be) etc.

Do you have any other interface you can hook up? That might indicate if the problem is more related to the motu or your computer.



Thanks for everyone’s help and input but I think I have found the problem which is the HW pullup/down rate was becoming enabled! Now the next problem is why I was activating the HW rate but I think I might now be able to sort it (I hope).

Deep respect and thanks for your time and effort.