Sample Rate Mayhem

I use the Focusrite Rednet System, and a lot of projects I get are 48KHz - whereas I like to work in 44.1

It was inevitable at some point this would happen, but, I had my Nuendo Project set to 44.1 and my RedNets set to 48K and now my project is in a weird no mans land of sample rate, that won’t even play at the right speed on 44.1 or 48!

Anyone know a solution?

AFAIK, this is the only simple solution.


Check your pool, is files 44.1 or 48KHz? If your native clock is 44.1 and Nuendo play 48 KHZ files with out converted them.

That won’t work.
Nuendo has written a 44.1 header into the audio file, while it was actually clocking @ 48kHz.
The only thing you can do is set the header back to the correct Sample Rate.


Is this available for Mac?

Looks like its only on PC

Not that I know of.
I’m not on Mac, so I have never had to search for a similar tool.
Google is your friend …


If you have WaveLab you can change the header (Manual: 158. Changing the Audio Properties")
But only only by one …

Oh great, I have Wavelab - is it in the ‘batch converter’ bit

This is the right answer:

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