Sample rate mismatch?

Hello there, I’ve got a problem when exporting an audio mixdown - after mixing to a WAV, I listen back in any audio player and the mixdown seems to be a semitone or two higher than the recorded pitch.

I’ve got my soundcard’s audio setting at 48Khz, my project setting at 48Khz, and I’m exporting at 48Khz. What am I missing here?

I’ve noticed that if I import the exported file back into Cubase, it sounds fine, but listening to the mixdown outside of Cubase (and I’ve tried on different PCs) has a higher pitch.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cubase 5 Essentials
Windows 7 64

Try exporting at 44.1. I think most outside of Cubase is that sample rate. I do all my recording at 44.1. All works fine.

The problem is probably that most regular audio players don’t support samplerates other than 44100, so you’re doing everything just fine, but your media player is not capable. Export to 44100, or use another player :slight_smile: