Sample rate puzzle

Hello. I wonder if someone can help me.
I’m using Cubase Artist 9.5. I just finished a song. When I export it to mp3 or wav it slows down and drops about a semitone. I had this problem a few days ago when importing and re-exporting 48 kHz tracks. So I imported them to a 48 kHz project and all was fine.
But in this case, the project is already at 44.1 kHz - 24 bit and I’m still having the same problem. Also, I now have another track which is playing back higher and faster in Cubase. The singers sound like chipmunks. So I’m wondering if what I did with the 48 kHz project has affected global parameters.
One thing that I think may be relevant is that in the Project Setup window of both affected tracks, the Sample Rate (44.1) displays in orange. Here’s a picture.

Anyone know what’s happening here?

Your project’s samplerate and your soundcard’ s samplerate don’ t match.

Thanks, svennilenni. I just discovered that myself. It looks like when I created a 48kHz project last week, it changed the sample rate of my generic sound card. (My UR 44 is still fine.) So now I’ve got two questions, pls…
(1) How do I change the sample rate of my generic ASIO back to 44.1?
(2) If I actually prefer the sound of this track at 48 kHz, how can I export it that way?

  1. Windows audio settings for generic soundcard…but not for generic asio. Probably your best bet is to use ASIO4all for your onboard audio.
  2. Not that simple…you can make it play at wrong pitch by setting wrong sample rate and use UR44 loopback (turn off direct and Cubase monitoring or you’ll get feedback) to record back in to another track.

Thanks, Grim. So can I just confirm…Is there really no way to change the sample rate on Steinberg’s generic ASIO driver. If that’s so, it doesn’t seem like a very great system.

I think the generic asio will follow Cubase project. Try to restart Cubase if it doesn’t do it straight away.
I’m not completely sure as I never use it.