Sample Rates in Audio Montage

Hi - Another issue. Using multiple audio montages with different sample rates. Switching tabs between the projects makes the audio stall when a different sample rate is used and no sound comes out when play is pressed.

I have to close and restart the program to access the montage with a different sample rate…

RME 800 Fireface, most current drivers
OSX 10.7.4
Wavelab 7.2.1


Can’t confirm this with same RME FF 800 latest driver and fut
sine tone 44.1, 48 , 88.2 and 96 kHz and Montage
and switching between Montages one by one in same session.

Do you use plugins as well with Montages ?
maybe check settings in Options / “Audio Streaming Settings…”

WL 7.2.1, OSX 10.6.8

regards S-EH

I have experienced a similar issue recently with the UFX, but operating via USB, and only when DigiCheck is open. I have not tested whether the same issue affects the FW driver.

If you indeed have DigiCheck open, try closing it, and see if the behaviour continues.

RME acknowledges the issue is due to ‘a limitation in the USB driver which will hopefully be removed soon.’