Sample recorder issues

I’ve got a problem with auto the auto sampler recorder. When I record a hardware synth and the recording is on auto treshold Halion auto next is not working because if my starting point is C2 Halion keeps naming the next sample C2 so the whole mapping thing get’s messed up, alle samples get layered on top of each other instead of mapped nicely over the keyboard).

I can fix this with recording note on and off (this works as it should, all the correct notes are named right. Problem with this is that there is some small silence in the beginning of each note so I have to change the start point of each sample this cost a lot of time so not really
a sollution.

Does anybody experience the same any workarounds for this?



I´ve just checked it here and it works as it should.
Please make sure you have the correct “Mapping” method chosen.
In my case I´ve set it to Chromatic.

Thanks for trying hromatic is working here also. I tried everything but I found out it’s not possible the way I want it. I just use the midi note on off function now

I’m having a similar issue here using auto next in halion 6. Auto Next, threshold I get:
C3 (1). C3 (2), C3 (3) etc… using As Played. With note on / off I can see the input signal but nothing is being sampled.
HaLion 6 just waits.

If anyone has a solution for this, as I’m sure it’s just a setting, I’d be grateful for any help.