Sample Recorder REQUESTS, Velocity Layers Per Pad and more

It would be great if there was an auto-layering feature per pad for all the layer types (round robin, velocity, etc), in which the user enters the number of layers they want to create, say for example 10 layers, the user hits their snare drum 10 times, and 10 layers are created.

There would need to be an easy way to preview/listen and redo,undo certain layers. perhaps a ‘replace layer’ record feature.

Also I found the time limit on the post-record a bit too short for some things I was recording that had very long ambient tales.

Another feature I would like to see, is pad-linking, so if I press one pad, others that are linked to it will also trigger. There could be local links and global links. global links communicate across all 4 loaded kits. local exist within each kit. A pad could be allowed to be both globally and locally linked. This allows for fast creative layering without having to merge pads and get tangled in that mess.

Thanks for considering.

I forgot, I feel as if with recording, there’s no good way to record multi-microphone samples. I wish this could exist. It would need it so that layers can actually be groups of multi-channel samples for example - Snare top, snare bottom, overhead_L, overhead_R, room L, room R, etc, could be recorded as a velocity layer, then the next velocity layer could be recorded also containing those mics at that level and so on. Each mic channel of each layer is summed to its common mic-channel which can then be assigned to an output/mixer channel.

That’s the layer of depth we need from this software to sample kits very fast and of high value.

Also, ability to record samples internally, can this be done? ( will will now have to check). Or for example, being able to render multi-layer pads to a single audio sum file layer. Or dragging pads into cubase and having the audio render. so fast workflow.