Sample recording in HALion 6

This is my first real play with HALion 6 (apart from the standalone program) Maybe I am being thick here but I need to get a better understanding about the Input sources.

I get the use of Sidechain if you want to record another VSTi into HALion 6 but what are Master and S1 Hexagon or S1 Program 1?

Thanks in advance

S1 hexagon sounds like “slot 1 , and Hexagon preset”

Soo, master is all the sounds from any number of active slots,

S1 hexagon is only sound from slot 1 (where your hexagon is loaded)

Have fun:)

I get it now it’s so that HALion 6 can sample itself!


Is it possible to use the Recorder in other DAWS such as Ableton Live? I don’t see a way to turn on sidechaining in order to route the signal and record. I also tried in Studio One V3 and couldn’t figure it out. Is this a feature that can only be used in Cubase? If so, that’s fine since Cubase is what I mainly use anyway. I’m just curious if it’s possible.

This is exactly what I’m trying to do in studio one. If anyone can share how to do this, it would be appreciated.

Yes! In Reaper you just route the channel/plugin you want to sample to the channel with Halion 6 on and select “Input” in the sampler. That works as you would expect in reaper so I would think other DAWS would be similar, so just send your track to Halion track to sample.

please excuse my total noob question.

i never have had much to do with extensive routing in cubase before.

but i just want to record something from my mic and want to route it
into the sample recorder in halion.
i have opened a mono audio channel where the mic goes into but i havent found
a way to route this audiochannel then into the halion sample recorder.

please boys and gals help me out how i “route it into the side chain”

i found it :slight_smile:

needed to activate the side chain on the plugin main page.

tiny beast of a button.

Could you enlighten me as to where I would find this button - I just cannot see it!

Not easy to find until you know where it is, or what you’re looking for…
See attached screen grab.

Hello I have two issues, I just installed Halion 6, I have had 4 and 5 and this version is awesome, I do not, however, see that sidechain button, no matter what DAW I use, I uninstalled 5 and completely reinstalled, is there some view I have to enable? also I am using Windows. I need to sample from other VST.

Question is. Are you running cubase 9?

I think older versions of cubase don’t have this. But I am not completely Shure.

If yes then the above picture helps greatly.
It’s on the main plugin window page when you have
Opened one instance of halion.

Thank you very much planarchist!!!

No I am running Protools, Reaper, Fl Studio all of them, any of my Waves plugins have sidechain and work in any DAW, I thought that the sidechain is not dependent on the daw? I used Cubase back some years but I do not use that as a DAW.

Ah I see.
I just know cubase and know how to activate it there…

Ok I have a little success, it appears that in Reaper, you can actually route internal input to the Halion 6 plug and then on the list where on every other software, it magically has an input, I can then route from another instrument track audio send, without ever having to enable anything or click the still elusive sidechain button, so I think the simple request is either to make the sidechain button universally available and visible on any DAW or have a configurable input so you can receive any instrument send, I am not sure about how Reaper was able to do that for me, but again I did nothing on the Halion 6 plugin because I still have yet to see a button to enable the sidechain, once I discovered how Reaper automatically did this I went back to FL studio, Protools and was unable to create a send that would be detected as an input, except in FL Studio there is one but it says it was inactive, I spent hours to try and route to it with no success.
I am looking for this to be fixed in the next update hopefully where sidechain is universal or there is an input section that you can route an vst audio send to on ANY Daw … :ugeek:

Well months later and it seems not so simple. I can’t get the input to record left AND right. It will only record the left channel. Tried all routing, reinstalled the latest Halion. TBH, Halion 6 always gives me problems sampling like this. Really want to replace it with something.

Are you using Reaper? In Cubase it records in Stereo by default if the audio source is stereo.