Sample scores from the Dorico 3 launch available?


I’ve updated to Pro 3 today… great job! I’m already playing with guitar and bass tabulature, and I’m impressed and happy.

One quick question- are any sample scores available for downloading? I love both the Planets and the “Theme from an Imaginary Western” (I have wide-ranging tastes!).

In any case, congratulations and thanks again!

Tom Kearney

I’ve asked about this before - copyright issues may prevent them from posting some of these scores. But if there are scores out of copyright, I’m with you - I would love to have access to these!

The “Theme from an Imaginary Western” score is written by my colleague Richard, and I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to make that available. “Jupiter” is full of mistakes because I was in a hurry and haven’t had a chance to proof-read or fix it, so my conscience would prevent me from making that available until I’ve had a chance to sort it out a bit, but in principle we could make that available at some point.

Thanks for the response, Daniel!

I doubted the scores would be shareable, but I figured I’d ask. I don’t need them, but they would be cool to mess with (and demo to my family)!

If you ever get Jupiter in good shape, please consider releasing it - it would certainly be a great demo of Dorico’s capabilities.

However, I’m sure you are a little busy these days, so no worries about it!

Dorico 3 is stellar- as is the support (very patient support) of you and your colleagues in this forum.

Congratulations and thanks on a great release. Now, please get some well-deserved sleep!

Tom Kearney