Sample sound is different in media bay and after dragging it to project


Help me please. I’ve got an issue. I look for a sample that i like in a mediabay, I drag it to the project, and when I playback the sound is a bit different. Feels like the cubase (not mediabay) cuts out some low and high frequences oк it pitches the sample up or down… Why is that so??

If I change “Musical mode” to "musica"l or “-” there’s some change in sounding, but it’s not what I hear in mediabay

Could be the warp processing effect. It needs to adapt to your project bpm.

How can I change it?

You don’t need to change it. The automatic warp is for adapting the loop at your bpm. If you don’t want to adapt the tempo, you need to set the same bpm of the loop to your project.
Mediabay says the original loop tempo.

Make sure if you’re using control room that you have your audio connections - outputs - stereo outs - routed to no buss.


Here are the settings:

That looks fine - if the pitch is changing it might be a sample rate issue. Check what sample rate you’re working at and what sampling the samples are playing back at (look in the audio pool)

Unfortunately it’s the same =(

I don’t know why, but cubase cuts out the low frequences when I import samples…
And by the way there’s nothing on a master bus

Here. I imported kick “Ultrasonic - Slap House Essentials - Kick 02” and rendered it in cubase and added the original Ultrasonic - Slap House Essentials - Kick 02

If I start a new project - everything is fine…

After updating Cubase from 10 to 11 sample track won’t allow me to import audio tracks in area and when I import audio to MIDI cubase terminates…