Sample storage best location

Hi, :mrgreen:

Quick question

In my daw i have two internal hdd’s

One 500gig for op system and programs and a second 1tb for recorded audio and cubase projects.

I mainly use toontracks EZdrummer and EZX packs for my drums when they install i fail to remeber now i dont think you can choose the location for its samples so they are on my 500gig along with programs ect is this ok?..Regardless this causes me no problems my daw is solid as a rock and have no dropouts or lack of performance…i run C6.0.4 on 32bit w7 with AMD phenom ii x4 black at the moment so im only useing 4 gig of RAM…but all is good!

my question is before i got ezdrummer way back when it was released i had Superior Drummer 1.i would now like to use it in some of my songs along side ezdrummer then when i have the sounds i like mix them down to audio tracks then remove the dfh plugin just so its not useing ram ect.
dfh has a 40gig sample library…Cubase/audio performence wise would it be best to put them onto my seperate 1tb drive or will it be ok on my 500gig one?



I would put them on the 1tb drive. Probably not that much to gain performance vise either way, but it saves you from having to reinstall those 40gb when you do a fresh Win7 install in the future.


it does seem the best way to go.

Thanks Karl :slight_smile: