Sample streaming speeds, Accelsior 4M2 vs Glyph Atom RAID SSD

Hi everyone

I recently purchased an Accelsior 4M2 NVMe SSD from which to stream samples. It claims transfer speeds up to 6000MB/s, which is in theory much faster than the previous drive I was using, a Glyph Atom USB-C External SSD, which claimed speeds of 960MB/s.

However, in practice, the difference in sample load times between the two drives was hardly noticeable. I was expecting load times to be, in theory, 6x as fast, but in reality, they were about 1.3x faster (load times for one project, for instance, went from 1’30" to about 1’10").

Why would this be? Might I be using the Accelsior wrong? Is there a limit to how fast the samples can load into a project? Is there any way I can speed up my load times?

FWIW the Accelsior was plugged directly into my MacPro via PCIe 3.0 in a RAID 0 configuration and the Glyph was connected via USB 3.1, also in a RAID 0 configuration. Both drives are 4TB.

Thanks for any help you can give!

It might be that your slower SSD was benefiting from RAM caching.

If your older and theoretically slower SSD was able to beat its advertised speeds, then that is a possible explanation.

The 6000 MB/s is a Max theoretical speed that can only be reached on sequential read. This mean you can only get that speed when reading a large single file. Samples are not one single file, but many small files.

What is the second drive in the RAID 0 configuration?

Thanks for the replies everyone

I realize I’ll never experience the advertised performance from the drives, but I figured there would at least be a more noticeable difference going from 960MB/s to 6000MB/s…

Again, what is the second drive in the RAID configuration?

Sorry, I misspoke, neither drives were in a RAID configuration.