sample tank (vst) drops out with a click for one second or s

I use sample tank as a VST virtual instruments package,with a midi interface, XT express by Motu, and use inside the host computer. I am operating a new computer and nuendo 5.5.1 setup. The Motu xt express did not work at first when installed, but now works after reinstall of the drivers. However, I get short dropouts with a click, without a direct pattern. The MR816csx interfaces, installed, do not have the issue. This leads my to think that the Motu xt express is working but with an issue, or sample tank needs some attention with the software. This is the first time I have used sample tank during the workup of my new system. Any help hereā€¦


MY VST Sample tank is dropping out sometimes with out any pattern, when being played (midi controller) after the install of the XT express midi interface.

Any Ideas here??